private instruction

Sarah specializes in designing unique practices tailored to fit individual’s specific needs.

Reasons to Practice Privately:

  • To address the YOUR specific physical injuries, health condition, or psychological demands of your life.

  • To transform your current practice by layering in more depth from a clear, experienced teacher.

  • To be entirely supported in your own private environment through caring, indivdualized attention.

Types of Practice Sarah can offer, in any combination:

  • Alignment based, breath-centered yoga posture practices, adapted to your level of experience, fitness, and interests.

  • Breathing practices that soothe the nervous system and help develop concentration.

  • Meditation practices that help cultivate calmness, mental clarity, insight, confidence, and compassion.

  • Restorative Yoga-- which utilizes many yoga props-- allowing for deep relaxtion, balancing the nervous system and promoting the mind-body's natural healing response.

  • Dharma, or study of yoga & buddhist texts and teachings.

  • Adaptations, such as Chair Yoga; Sarah loves using yoga props, household items, and creativity to transform perceived limitations into a yoga practice.

  • Individualized Teacher Training, helping you to grow in your specific intentions as a yoga teacher.


Sarah has been a full time yoga teacher since 2006 and is herself an avid student of all facets of the practice. 


She continues to study with the most skillful & renown current teachers of yoga & buddhism.


Her private students range from children to elders, from as diverse a background as one can imagine.


Her teaching style is grounded, precise, and kind.

Please use the CONTACT page to inquire about shedule & fees.
Private Instruction can happen in your home, at a yoga studio, or at your workplace.


public classes

Yeah.  Sarah is only teaching one public group class/week. 

She is however teaching privately, SSS, & Teacher Trainings/ Continuing Education.

Check back here for public schedule updates, or follow her on Facebook for all timely announcements.










Vinyasa 2-3


Ginseng Yoga




On the

Second Saturday

of Each Month:



Asana & Pranayama


Meditation & Dharma Talk


Ginseng Yoga



c o m m u n i t y

Second Saturday Sangha

Second Saturday Sangha is a community gathering held on the 2nd Saturday of every month.  

Our Mission is:​​

to co-create an unhurried space for yogis and meditators to deepen parts of their practice

that awaken us to the interdependent nature of our lives..

Each 2nd Saturday includes:

    1:15-3:15pm Asana + Pranayama practice ($18 suggested)

   3:45-5:15pm  Meditation + Dharma Talk & Discussion ($18 suggested)

    Come to All or Bits! 

All levels of experience are welcome.

@ Ginseng Yoga in South Park.

Second Saturday Sangha is a donation based offering.  

No one will be turned away for lack of funds.  

Please consider the interdependent nature of all that goes into providing this program, 

the benefits you receive from it, and please donate with generosity and without regret.   

Some folks will give less while others may give more.  

We encourage you to see this exchange as an alive part of your practice of fair trade & generosity.



Find upcoming topics & details for Second Saturday Sangha

announced on our Facebook Page.

contact sarah


about sarah clark

     Sarah feels that her yoga & buddhist practices offer her basic sanity.  She engages in many dimensions of these awakening technologies- from ethics to asana to seated meditation.  Practicing since 2001, she is relieved to see that these wisdom traditions only go deeper over time, and that they don't make one more special or elevated-- rather they ground us in messy reality and beg us to get to work in the world.  Having a practice & engaging in it with others gives her hope for the future of humankind.

     Sarah's teaching career began upon completion of her 200-hour training at OM Yoga Center in New York City in 2006, whereafter she went on to teach tremendous amounts of yoga at OM Yoga Center, Dance New Amsterdam, New York University and privately.  Ever the student, Sarah practiced yoga and meditation with the entire OM staff (particularly Cyndi Lee, David Nictern, Sarah Trelease, Christie Clark, and Joe Miller) & many special guests like Roshi Pat Enkyo O’Hara and Sharon Salzberg.  She is certified in Relax & Renew® restorative yoga with Judith Lasater and her teaching was developed greatly by the guidance of Cyndi Lee.   During this time, Sarah participated whole heartedly in the modern dance community in NYC.


     On July 4th, 2011 she relocated to San Diego, CA and continues to offer a full public & private teaching schedule.  Her asana classes are are alignment-based and breath-centric; they employ intelligent sequencing; they relfect her curiousity about how mindfulness seems to balance clarity, sensitivity, and radical acceptancy.  Sarah also created Interconnected Yoga Teacher Training in San Diego, and holds regular workshops on meditation, dharma, pranayama, and yoga teacher development.  In her relocating westward, she began working very closely with her teacher, Michael Stone of British Columbia until his recent death;  his extraordinary body of work and teachings continue to influence her tremendously.


     Sarah is still dancing, enjoys making mindful magic in the kitchen, and loves singing harmonies with her husband.  They are both completely in love with their little girl Tenaya June, who arrived in January 2017.

Sarah made this video about what it felt like to her experience her recent training with her teacher Michael Stone in his Meditation Teacher Mentorship Program.  
A little-creative-heart-project; check it out.

 workshops & retreats

Ethical & Skillful Hands On Assistance

 { A Continuing Education Course for Yoga Teachers }

Saturday Nov 2nd, 12-7pm   &   Sunday Nov 3rd, 11am-4:45pm

@ Ginseng Yoga

During this course, Yoga Teachers can expect to:

  • Think critically about their craft.

  • Firmly ground one’s decision making process regarding hands on assistance in the ethics of yoga: in depth yamas.

  • More fully understand WHY, WHEN, and HOW to offer skillful hands on assistance.

    • including reasons to touch, alignment principles that inform the assist, the art of arising and leaving an assist, clarity of direction of touch, and more.

  • Practice, practice, practice giving hands on assistance with fellow teachers, then receive and provide feedback in a manner that is constructive and honest.

  • Unpack the way in which hands on assistance is just one of many tools we have as teachers, and how to pair this aspect of teaching with other offerings.

  • Explore various methods that empower our students in their own autonomy.

  • Feel fully invited to bring all the questions!

Cost: $250.  

Continuing Education Credits available via Yoga Alliance if desired (12 hrs).

Enroll Here
via Ginseng

stay tuned for next retreat,

early 2020

 past workshop offerings:


interconnected yoga teacher training

Interconnected Yoga is 

an alignment-based, breath-centered, mindful 

vinyasa style of yoga

that that draws on all 8 limbs of yoga and buddhist practices for awakening.

Interconnected Yoga

is interested in the way that mind & body practices- 

from ethics to asana to seated meditation- 

make for clearer seeing and more skillful actions in our life, families, and greater communities.

Interconnected Yoga Teacher Training’s mission is 

to educate and inspire

experienced, passionate yogis

who wish to pursue meaningful work in their lives.

Interconnected Yoga Teacher Training is a 200-hour school accredited by Yoga Alliance.

Sarah currently has
NO 200-hour teacher trainings scheduled.
Please stay tuned for future trainings.
See document below for past program's details.
A C T I O N S :

integrating values into an awakened life & community