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c o m m u n i t y  /  s a n g h a


saturday sangha 

in - person/
on - land

we’re offline and back in the flesh, in shared space, place and time, REGULARLY! 


  • generally, we're gathering again on the SECOND SATURDAY of EACH MONTH-- but there are some exceptions (like this JANUARY!) 

here are the upcoming 2024 dates:

  • Jan 20 

    • join us in celebrating our 10 year anniversary!

    • after practice, we'll party with a potluck.  you can sign up to share something here.

  • Feb 10

  • March 9

  • April 13

  • May 11

  • June 8


  • 1-2:40 movement, breath & rest practice

    • 20 min break​

  • 3-4:45 chant, meditation, talk & discussion​

  • come to either or both parts!



for whom:

  • all levels of experience welcomed​



  • dana based.  $20 suggested / component, $40 suggested for both.

    • dana (a sanskrit word pronounced dah-nah) names the dimension of the path that is the practice of both giving and receiving wisely.  the encouragement here is to financially offer generously and without undue stress and regret.​


  • not feeling well?  please, stay home & rest.  someone from the sangha can bring you soup! (for real. email me.)

  • we are guided by the ethics of our dharma & yoga practices, especially when gathering in community.  when participating in saturday sangha, we ask that you embody the following:

    • we aim to cause the least amount of harm possible.​

    • we practice honesty, speaking the truth with kindness.

    • we practice not taking what is not offered freely.

    • we practice using our sexual and creative energy wisely.

    • we refrain from intoxicants that cloud the mind.

weekly saturday sangha practice

our weekly online gatherings are no longer being offered at this time.  

hope to see you at our monthly in person gatherings instead soon!

buddha heart mudra close_ centre of gravity_edited.jpg


the vast majority of sarah's offerings (currently, all of them!) are shared within the traditional & radical practice of



this includes MotherCircle, The Clarity Collective, saturday sangha and retreats.   


teaching is offered freely, and your conscious financial support is greatly appreciated.  

please give generously, and without strain or regret.

thank you.

Succulent Leaves

saturday sangha: history, mission & library


saturday sangha began as second saturday sangha.  we started gathering in january of 2014 at a home yoga studio, hale holisitc, monthly.  this went on for a few years.  


when hale closed their doors, we went on tour in san diego for a few years, constantly changing locations and mingling with different communities.  it was interesting and exciting and a little exhausting.


then we grounded again in a different home studio, ginseng, for a couple more years.


enter covid-19 pandemic.  those conditions ushered us into our digital era, and also brought us into weekly meetings; needing each other never presented so evidently.


we've continued to practice primarily online, discovering together what it means to gather in digital rooms, in real shared time, with earnest hearts, in a way that orients towards some kind of liberation.  we kept exploring.

we gathered for a few POP UP! practices in-person / on-land...

and in august 2023, we decided as a collective that the time has come to draw our weekly online gatherings to a close and return to regular in-person practices.  we are grateful to reconnect with south park yoga (formerly ginseng, a previous home to us!) as our host studio for these gatherings. 


it's always true, but the 2020s seem to underscore it:

conditions change ceaselessly;

the ground itself is unable to be anchored down.

saturday sangha exists to support each of us in meeting this reality

with more skill, grace and a radically freed heartmind.

may we tread the path with care.

our mission:​​

to provide a place of refuge where folks can gather together to practice the awakening technologies of yoga, buddhism and embodiment arts,

and to explore how these practices intersect with our individual lives and collective culture.  


honoring all limbs of these paths, we investigate how these practices cultivate

stability, insight, resilience & courage.

Saturday Sangha Recording Library

to view or download

Please enjoy this small sampling of our vast history!

these teachings are offered freely: gift economy.

dana (donations) greatly appreciated.  

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