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facilitated by
Sarah Clark

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Next session is ONLINE,
beginning January 4, 2024

MotherCircle is an 8 week journey.  

It offers women in all seasons of life an opportunity to mine the profound wisdom that can emerge through motherhood.

It returns us to an age old practice: women, sitting in circle, with intention, growing together through support, honesty & courage.  



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Dates, Times & Location


  • 8 Consecutive ​THURSDAYS

    • Jan 4 - Feb 22, 2024


4:30-5:45pm Pacific

 5:30-6:45 Mountain

    / 6:30-7:45 Central

    / 7:30-8:45 Eastern


 LIVE via ZOOM, 

recordings also provided.

For Whom?

MotherCircle is FOR:

  • Women who are in the thick of motherhood​.

  • Pregnant women, or women who want to become mothers.

  • Mothers with grown or adult children; Elder mothers.

  • Women who've miscarried or experienced the death of a child.

  • People who work with mothers professionally.

  • People who want to better understand & support motherhood.


Financial Exchange:

In congruity with Sarah's other public offerings, MotherCircle is offered on a dana system:

by donation,

as a practice of consciously giving & receiving.

Folks are encouraged to offer generously, but also without strain or regret.

Suggested scale: $175-300

for the 8 week course.


Refunds: We aim to offer transparency and create honest expectations regrading one's experience with MotherCircle.  Due to its digital nature, once the circle begins on Jan 4th, refunds are no longer available. 


  • Please aim to attend all 8 gatherings, as experiencing the full arc is beneficial for all.  See more below.

  • Can't make every session live?  That's ok!  The zoom sessions will be recorded and sent to all participants after each gathering.  Please plan to download videos shortly after they are shared should you wish to see them, (as they will be deleted 3 weeks after being emailed to you) and catch up on what you missed asap, as to stay connected to the rhythm of the group.  Downloaded videos are yours to keep for your personal use only, indefinitely.  ​ 

  • Consider making your time with this circle a child-free one, if possible. You could ask for support so you can experience MotherCircle in real time beyond the identity of a caretaker. Need help thinking creatively about this?  Reach out to Sarah.  Need to have your little one(s) around while on zoom?  No problem!  Do your best to enable presence in the circle and go with the flow of your family's needs. This is MotherCircle: we get it.

  • Please arrive a few minutes before the circle begins, as we will always start on time.  We will also end promptly.

  • More detailed agreements will be offered in the first circle, MotherDive, and throughout our process, as a way to uphold a clear container.​

    • MotherCircle IS a space for learning, curiosity and honesty​; it IS NOT: therapy, in the formal sense; a space of advice giving; a place to only dump all of one's grievances. 


The 8 Gatherings: 

Explore details about each of the 8 gatherings when we come together and sit in circle.  

As a collection, they create an arc, inviting the group of women to go on a deep dive, and then to resurface, together.

1: MotherDive


2: MotherCycle


3: MotherBody


4: MotherJaguar


5: MotherBirth


6: MotherLover


7: MotherWorth


8: MotherCode

Ready to Enroll?

Please complete this registration  form in order to secure your place in the circle.  


Space is limited.

After registering, please head to dana page to offer payment.

You're Enrolled in MotherCircle!  You will receive a confirmation email.  Please head to dana page to offer payment.

MotherCircle Enrollment

Origin Story

Sarah has always been perennially curious about how her contemplative practices intersect with the demands of a lay person's most intimate relationships. 

She is earnestly interested in how the long term, committed relationships that we might have with a spouse or a child demand that these wisdom practices penetrate the sincere, loyal and grueling work of the heartmind that comes with sustaining & maturing these most precious relationships.

Enter MotherCircle. When Sarah experienced this circle, led by other rad women in her community that she respects and values, she knew she wanted to be a part of sharing this way of being with other women, gathering to mine clarity & wisdom together.

"Surveying both myself and the collective landscape of women, I have come to recognize missing pieces in the quilt, holes in the fabric of the experience that is contemporary motherhood— full of ancient instincts and whispering embodied knowings— that are often juxtaposed by modern structures and mores that overflow with sweeping momentums that take the shape of separateness, confusion and sheer speed.


MotherCircle is a step towards the repair that comes through a reclamation of communal practices and rituals, the clarity that comes from learning from and amongst other wise women, and an opportunity to occupy space as a mother that is genuinely honest and unhurried.  


It celebrates intergenerational sisterhood, discernment, autonomy and the immeasurable fruits that come from a Mother who knows who she is and what she values with unflinching courage."

-- Sarah Clark

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